I Directed a Sprint Commercial

March 6, 2016

‘Twas quite a day. Seventeen hours, a big sound stage, a crew of 40 or so, reps from Sprint, creatives and producers from two agencies — and a lot of slicing through foam with chainsaws. It was my first big national spot. For years I’ve been knocking at that door, always knowing that I had the chops. But what I didn’t realize is I only recently had the temperament. With so many people so invested, and so many moving pieces on the set, I found my inner Zen.


“Dying on Instagram” Released

December 2, 2015

Lina Scheynius and I are proud to share “Dying on Instagram,” a short documentary about Jonathan Waiter, a brilliant young photographer who posted pictures and videos of his long, ugly struggle with cancer on his instagram account. Read an interview we did about it on Dazed Digital.

Biosphere 2: The Experiment

February 10, 2015

There’s a good chance you’ve heard of “Biosphere 2″ — that huge glass enclosure in the Arizona desert back 25 years ago or so. You probably have the word “failure” vaguely associated with it. Well, I just finished up this short documentary for The Institute of Ecotechnics, the institution behind the monumental experiment. My purpose was to set the record straight. Take a watch if you have a few minutes!

There Is No Detroit

December 24, 2014

I spent two weeks exploring Detroit.

I met activists, urban farmers, sculptors of 40-foot pieces of recycled aluminum and the Executive Director of Economic Development. I learned about Downtown’s renaissance and the city’s plan for the future. I drove by empty lots and burned out buildings with my jaw hanging down.

I was looking for a story tell. I came out feeling there was no story. There are many stories that contradict and interconnect. The past is crashing into the future. Capitalism meets anarchy meets myth. A projection of the American psyche.


Justin Detroit

“Dying on Instagram”

December 20, 2014

Screen shot 2014-12-23 at 3.11.58 AMI’ve started editing a shot film that Lina Scheynius and I are doing together. Tentatively titled “Dying on Instagram,” it’s about a fellow named Jonathan who is — no way around this language — dying of cancer. He’s been documenting the process in an unbearably blunt and beautiful way on Instagram.

Check it out: http://instagram.com/sevenheads/.

Short to follow.